Green Deal Assessment

Green deal assessments and assessors are an integral part of the green deal. The green deal assessor will carry out an assessment of a property and create an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and an occupancy assessment (OA). These two documents along with advice on what measures are available on green deal finance will be combined to create a Green deal advice report (GDAR). This report will inform the consumer of all the necessary details for you to make a decision as to what measures you would like to carry out on the property to take advantage of the green deal finance.

To ensure high quality Green Deal Assessors will, as a pre-requisite need to be a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA). DEA’s have the skills that enable them to collect all the necessary data required to create an EPC.

Some of these skills are below:

  • Identifying Wall construction
  • Taking dimensions
  • Indentifying whether a house has a cavity wall fill or enough loft Insulation
  • Age of property
  • Window type
  • Boiler fuel source

The assessor also needs to know how to use the Government approved RdSAP software that is used to create an EPC. Thereafter an up skilling course will allow the DEA to become a fully trained and qualified Green Deal Advisor (GDA) and may begin, as at 1st October, creating Green Deal Advice Reports.

The report will include a Green Deal EPC as pictured below.