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The GREEN DEAL is an opportunity for you to renovate sections of your house at no or very little upfront costs, all those items that make life more comfortable and save you money as well, such things as Cavity wall insulation, solar hot water, loft insulation, double glazing, heating and hot water controls or draft proofing existing windows and doors, in fact anything that can reduce



The Green Deal is your opportunity to offer your customers improvements in their living environment for either no upfront cost or with a large chunk of the cost covered. How many clients in the last couple of years have you quoted for only to be told “I’d love for you to do it but we don’t have the money”, this could be a think of the past, so not only will you be able to tell new clients we can “Green Deal” this but you can go back through your past quotations and re contact a whole heap of potential clients who were already sold on you could not afford the cost in dales terms the are HOT LEADS.