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The GREEN DEAL is an opportunity for you to renovate sections of your house at no or very little upfront costs, all those items that make life more comfortable and save you money as well, such things as Cavity wall insulation, solar hot water, loft insulation, double glazing, heating and hot water controls or draft proofing existing windows and doors, in fact anything that can reduce

Some examples of savings

Increase loft insulation to 270mm

can save £47 a year in energy costs

Replace boiler with condensing unit

can save £339 per year in energy costs

Cavity Wall insulation

can save £179 per year in energy costs

How Does it Work?

GHE will arrange for a qualified assessor to survey your property. The assessor will identify what energy measures you could install to make your property more energy efficient. A green deal plan will be drawn up and if you decide to go ahead with installing the recommended measures GHE will arrange the finance for you, organise the Green Deal registered tradesmen, oversee the work and arrange for the repayment of the loan to be taken from your energy bill. The golden rule is that the savings in energy you have achieved will reduce the bill by as much or more than the cost of the finance. In simple terms this means that your energy saving from the installation will pay for the loan. As energy prices increase the benefits of the installed energy saving measures also increase but the loan repayment stays the same.

A major benefit of dealing with GHE, a green deal provider, is that you do not have to sift through
numerous tradesmen trying to find an installer you trust as GHE will be responsible for instructing the tradesmen, all of whom will be fully qualified and GREEN DEAL registered.

GHE will apply the same attention to detail and customer service that has ably served our renewable energy clients in the past.

Call us now to discuss how the GREEN DEAL can best benefit you or arrange a Green Deal survey with us.