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News Article - Trade

The Green Deal is your opportunity to offer your customers improvements in their living environment for either no upfront cost or with a large chunk of the cost covered. How many clients in the last couple of years have you quoted for only to be told “I’d love for you to do it but we don’t have the money”, this could be a think of the past, so not only will you be able to tell new clients we can “Green Deal” this but you can go back through your past quotations and re contact a whole heap of potential clients who were already sold on you could not afford the cost in dales terms the are HOT LEADS.

The Green Deal is a win, win government promoted setup that allows small groups of forward thinking businesses to compete with large national companies on a level playing field.

Why GHE?

As an authorized Green Deal Provider GHE will act as the hub arranging finance, assessments, coordinating tradesmen and overseeing the works.

GHE are developing an active web site dedicated to the Green Deal tradesmen which will allow each tradesman to follow the progress of their introduced job online.

When the job entails a trade that the introducer is unable to carry out, GHE will find a suitable tradesman and the introducer will be able to claim a fee for this part of the job. Once listed on the GHE Green Deal active web site you will also benefit from introductions for work that other tradesman introduce but are unable to carry out.


GHE, as well as acting as the group hub will also be an active member of the group supplying solar PV, solar thermal and heat pumps (both air and ground source) so it is as important to us as it to you that we work together to make the very best of this great opportunity to be part of an existing and innovative project. As you can see this will make selling more of your products to a wider range of potential clients easier than ever before.

Some examples of savings

Increase loft insulation to 270mm

can save £47 a year in energy costs

Replace boiler with condensing unit

can save £339 per year in energy costs

Cavity Wall insulation

can save £179 per year in energy costs

Call GHE for any additional information or to arrange for us to get together to talk over the benefits of being part of the GHE Your Green Deal Group.